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Oculus Party 

While some games have multiplayer modes where you can meet up with friends inside the game to play together, many games and apps are designed only for single-players yet you might like to play or explore with friends at the same time. With Oculus Party you can! 

Oculus parties allow you to hang out with up to 7 friends from your Oculus friends list. You must have wifi service for an Oculus party as you connect with people using voice-over IP (VOIP) calls. 

To start a party, select Social from your navigation menu. 



Then select “Create Party”. 


Then you select the privacy of your party – you can allow only your friends who you invite or open it up to friends of all participants in the party. 


After you have set your privacy level, click “Add Friends”. A list of your friends who are online will appear and you can invite them to your party. 

You have the option of selecting an app that everyone in your party will be transported to together by clicking “Select App” – only apps that all participants have installed will appear. We have found this feature to work inconsistently though, so an alternative is for each person to simply navigate to the chosen app separately and, once launched, coordinate over voice what are you going to do in the app. 




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