Welcome to VR for the Rest of Us

Where to go, how to get there and how to do it better – a helpful place for everyone, whether you’re a single mom in Kenosha or a grandfather in Nome*

*HowtoVR.com not restricted solely to single moms and grandfathers, regardless of locale

There is so much to do in VR!

If you’re anything like us you may be overwhelmed with where to start. Or maybe you’ve gotten your feet wet and now want to jump in deeper. Or you’ve tried all the popular stuff and you’re looking for lesser-known or overlooked experiences. Whoever you are, this is the place for you!

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How to...Get Started

A friendly space to learn!

Find tips and tricks for navigating VR, optimizing the comfort of your headset, and troubleshooting common issues.

Check out our recommendations for free apps that illustrate the power of VR, and learn which accessories will make your VR experience just that much better.


How to...Get Together

Want to hang out with your friends when you can’t be together in person? Or maybe you’re looking to meet new friends for exploration, discussing common interests, or playing games? Need to collaborate with colleagues from different locations? You can do it all in VR, and we’ll show you how.


How to...Get Healthy

Can’t get to the gym? Or never even wanted to go to one in the first place? VR fitness is where it’s at! 

Whether you want to recreate your favorite workouts that you can’t do in real life, get off of the couch and start a new fitness program, or just move your body a bit more while having fun, we’ll help you find a VR fitness-building game you love.

How to...Get Roaming

VR lets you travel nearby or to far-flung locations all from the comfort of your couch. From world heritage sites to your old stomping grounds, we’ll show you how to get there. You can even visit outer space!

With VR you don’t need a plane ticket, a passport, or even a car. Travel anytime, solo or with friends, or even join a guided tour of that place you’ve always wanted to go.


How to...Get Inspired

We’ll show you various ways to stimulate your mind and feed your soul in VR. Experience cultural institutions and performances around the globe, take a class, watch documentaries, create or get immersed in art, or attend virtual religious or spiritual gatherings. Click to find out how.

How to...Get Thrilled

The entertainment options in VR are endless, whether you want to do something active or sit back and enjoy the show. Learn how to watch movies or TV shows on a big screen, sit right on stage at your favorite concerts, go to a live comedy show, or dance the night away at a nightclub. Looking for an adrenaline rush? We’ll help you find daring adventures you might never do in real-life! And see the games that we non-gamers love.

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How to use HowToVR.com

Hello and welcome! We’re a small group of fiftysomethings that built this site to help folks like you get more enjoyment from your Quest headsets.

This section is just a little tutorial on how to get the most from your time here.

We  created HowToVR.com with the goal of making it easier to find what you’re looking for as well as providing you with some rare nuggets that you’re not likely find anywhere else!

To start off, we put the content into 6 categories

  • How to Get Started
    • Tips & Tricks for using your Quest 2
  • How to Get Together
    • Meeting friends & making new ones
  • How to Get Healthy
    • Exercise your body & your mind
  • How to Get Roaming
    • Visit exotic places while still in your house
  • How to Get Inspired
    • Fun education you didn’t know existed
  • How to Get Thrilled
    • Immersive movies, adventures abound in VR

You can reach each of these one of two ways

These buttons on the homepage

or with the How to dropdown menu from the top of the site.

Once you pick a category, you’ll get a page like the image below. The green arrows point to documents you can open by clicking on them, the red ones are sub-categories that will open up with more documents you can then open by clicking on them.

Once you’ve selected a document, it will open and look something like below. The green arrows are pointing to the categories you can choose from and the numbers in the blue dots tell you how many documents are in them. You can click on any you are interested in.

Please do be aware that we have only just started the site and it is a work in progress. We will be updating most of the content with more formatting and images soon.

We built this site for you, so please do reachout with any suggestions or requests. You can click the Contact Us link  and let us know your thoughts. Please do enjoy your time here. If you need to see these instructions again, you can click the big yellow button on the left of your screen. 


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