Walkabout Mini Golf

UPDATE 04-29-21

Major fun update! These guys are great.  Here’s the list from their Discord: (and yes, we added Flying Mode twice, because…Flying mode!)

  • Original Music added to all courses
  • Smooth Locomotion option
  • Flying Mode! (point straight up and push the thumbstick forward to take off)
  • Random course selector
  • Mixed Reality Capture (MRC) support
  • Smoother, faster avatar display in multiplayer
  • Hold down grip button to keep ball from timing out
  • Colliders added to everything
  • Ball won’t bounce out of the cup
  • Flying Mode! (point straight up and push the thumbstick forward to take off)

Anyone who loves mini golf will love this game.

Fun to play alone or with up to 4 of your friends. We’ve spent waaaayyy more time than we should have playing this game when we really should have been doing something else, but we’ve found it to be so much fun as well as one of our favorite ways to connect with friends when we can’t be together in real life.

This game has 6 creative mini-golf courses that are more fun than any real-life course restricted by physics, gravity, and the need to go searching for balls hit out of bounds. The courses have varying levels of difficulty, with the ability to practice on a hole as much as you want before you challenge your friends.

As added fun, each hole has a hidden “lost ball” – collect 10 in one course and unlock a harder version of that course set at nighttime with much harder holes. Each found ball gets added to your collection to choose from in future rounds so you can really express your personality with your ball design.

Recently added to the hard courses are scavenger hunts where you search the course for hidden clues and follow the trail to the end where you will find a new option to add to your putter collection for use in future rounds.

Get Walkabout Mini Golf from the Oculus Store

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