Brought to us by AARP Innovation Labs, Alcove was created with the goal of bringing multiple generations of families together in unique ways to explore, connect, have fun, and relax. Your virtual living room is a place to chill out with your loved ones, where you can play games, listen to classical music, share photos, or watch videos you’ve uploaded. When you’re ready, it’s also your portal to new adventures – city tours around the globe, hot air balloons, a back-country road trip, diving at the Great Barrier reef, and so much more.

The main app is free, but there are currently two add-ons: One has two short films of expeditions into space and the other is a variety pack of games from AARP’s Staying Sharp program to help maintain mental acuity as we age.

While other apps will help you find new friends, Alcove is all about spending quality time with the family and friends you already have.

Get Alcove from the Oculus Store

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