How To...Get Healthy

If you’re new to VR fitness, start with How to Get Fit below to explore the different kinds of games and what they will do. Read on for our favorites.

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Get Healthy

If you’re just beginning to use VR for fitness, start with the “Overview of VR Fitness” in How to Get Fit in VR to see what types of games are available and what to look for when choosing one.

Also in this section you’ll find brief summaries of our favorites in each category with a table that compares key specs, including what kind of workout you’ll get from each.

If you want a more detailed discussion of each game you can go right to the game title in the other groups.

Because we are such fans of Supernatural and we see stories every day of how it is changing lives, we’ve included an entire section on Tips for Supernatural Play to get the most out of your workout.