Quick Tips – First Steps

We go over these in other sections, but thought these were important enough to throw in here as well.

  1. Re-Center yourself – This works in the Quest Homeworld as well as almost every game we’ve tried so far. Just press and hold the Oculus button (The button that is recessed under your thumb on the right hand controller)  and your view will be re-centered around where you are looking as well as the position of your headset.
    1. Bonus Tip: If you are playing seated and need to “push” the view further away, you can lean your head forward and then push/hold the Oculus button and the scene will adjust based on your head position.
    2. Bonus Tip #2: When in your Quest Homeworld and that big screen blocks your view facing outward you can look straight up, press/hold the Oculus button and it will move that screen out of your way so you can see more of your Homeworld.
  2. Break out of any game and return to your Quest Homeworld – If you are in a game and can’t figure out how to quit, you can press the Oculus button once and it will take you back to the Homeworld.
    1. Every once in a while this will not work. You can try another trick which is to press the Oculus button 4 times in a row.
    2. Last resort is to press and hold the power button on your headset to reset it.
  3. Don’t play Rollercoaster or weightless games first. EchoVR and ISS are really fun and interesting, but these are the games that are most likely to give you motion sickness. Play other games, seated if need be to get used to the headset before jumping into these.
  4. Voice Commands – You can do things such as say “Launch Beat Saber”, or “Take a Picture”, “Record Video”, and more. On the small console in your Homeworld you can click on Settings and Quick Actions. You will see a symbol that looks like this. Select that and it will activate the Voice Commands. You can then click your Oculus Button twice in a row and it will pull up the voice command and start to listen to you. Experiment with trying different commands. It sure makes screenshots and video recording easier. Also, if you have a hard time finding your apps, just say “Launch” and the name of the app.
  5. Pass Through Vision – You can enable a setting that allows you to tap the side of your headset twice and it will allow you to see through the cameras on the front of your headset. The view is in black and white, but it allows you to see your surroundings, which can really come in handy


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