Motion Sickness

Some people will notice that playing some VR games can cause motion sickness and nausea. Some games cause this more than others. Games where you are floating such as Echo VR or simulate motion such as any of the Rollercoaster games.  But for some, even the regular games can do this.  Here are a few tips we’ve found that help with this.

  1. Familiarity.  In small doses, some have reported they were able to get rid of the motion sickness completely. The key here seems to be to stop as soon as you feel slightly nauseous and take the headset off. Take a break for at least a couple hours before trying again. Over time, most will get used to it.
  2. A fan. Having air blow over your body will give you a sense of where you are and can help with motion sickness. Most people point the fan from the front and angle it up towards their face. This can also help with fogging in the headset.
  3. Traditional methods such as taking ginger or Dramamine.
  4.  Motion sickness bands
  5. If you live in a place where it is legal, cannabis has been found to help as well. But be careful because playing these games while intoxicated can cause other dangerous effects such as losing your balance.

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