YouTube VR

YouTube will need no introduction, but YouTube VR takes viewing to a whole new level. You can watch any YouTube video on the large screen in your headset, but with VR you can now get completely immersed in 360° videos. You can also buy or rent movies in the YouTube VR app, or find a huge variety of meditation and relaxation videos.

Access the YouTube VR app either through the “Channels” tab of Oculus TV or as a standalone app in your app menu after downloading from the Oculus Store.

Hot Tip! YouTube VR is not multiplayer, but… If you form an Oculus Party with someone (up to 8 people) first, then you all go into YouTube VR (or almost any app for that matter) you will still be able to hear each other. You should decide on which videos you are going to watch first and then you can all enter the video at the same time. We usually have one person do a 3…2…1…countdown. Now you will be able to comment to each other about the video and experience it together!

Search for VR videos in the app by using voice commands or a pop-up keyboard. Alternatively, you can search in your phone app or online at YouTube’s VR channel and then save them for later viewing in your headset (if you use the same account). Subscribe to their VR channel for an easy way to find new content.

Hot Tip! We have created a whole page that explains how to do this in more detail, as well as a page with a list of great immersive videos here.

When browsing for videos you may see some videos listed as VR180 – these videos are immersive, but your field of vision will be only 180° rather than the full 360°. Still impressive on the big screen!

Within the app it may not be clear how to exit your current video: press the trigger on your controller to bring up the controls, then click on the YouTube logo at the top of the screen to get back to the home menu.

Get YouTube VR from the Oculus Store



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