List of high resolution 360 VR Videos to Watch

There are many 360 VR videos to watch on YouTube with more being created all the time. Turns out that not all of these are equal. Many are 4k, and while those are good, the really well shot 8k videos are much more of an experience and the clarity can really be stunning.

Even among the 8k VR videos, some are just clearer than others. It seems that the quality of the camera, setting, lighting, motion and post processing can have these vary from beautiful and clear, to fuzzy and sometimes just not even very watchable.

So, we’ve put together a list of videos we really enjoyed watching to get you started.

How do I get to watch these videos in my headset?

When you click any of the video links below you it will open another browser window with the video active on a YouTube page. Since you can’t (yet) copy/paste from your computer to your headset you will need another option to watch them in your headset. Fortunately, we have a couple of workarounds for you.

  1. YouTube has the ability to create “Playlists” and if you do this when you are logged into any Google account, those “Playlists” will sync to other devices such as your headset.
  2. So, if you add any of these videos to a “Playlist” (We’re going to show you how) and then you open up either the YouTube VR or the FireFox Reality Browser and go to there, you will be able to see all of those playlists and watch all of these videos in your headset! We created a separate document to show you how to use FireFox, Click Here to see it.

Hot Tip!: If you like the list of videos below, at the end of the list you will find a link with instructions on how to add a playlist that has all of these videos so you won’t have to add them one at a time!

Our favorite so far is by a company called AirPano. They have a number of good videos that are 8k and high quality. The video below is of the ancient city of Petra, in Jordan. The images are very high resolution and you get to see this amazing Wonder of the World from an angle few have seen before, from the lens of a drone camera. Be aware that if you have issues with heights, this one might bother you a bit.Click to Watch Petra 360 VR 8k Video

Do you like Pandas? Doesn’t everyone? Well here is a 360 VR video of pandas.

Click here to watch a 360 VR Video of Pandas in China

 An animation studio called Baobab Studios has created some amazing experiences. These are not only 360 VR and 8k, but they are also done in 3D! This one is a 20 minute long animated story that will amaze you with how immersive 3D VR can be.   This is more of a childrens movie, but it’s worth watching for the visual effects alone. They make the characters look like they are made from felt.

Click to watch Crow: The Legend in VR

Another two videos to watch from Baobab Studios are a part 1 and part 2. Both fun animated stories done in 360 VR, 8k and 3D!
Click to watch INVASION! VR with Ethan Hawke

This two part story is about space aliens visiting and having an encounter with “earthlings” who happens to be a bunny. Enjoy the comedy in this wonderful tale.

Click to watch ASTEROIDS! VR an INVASION! Sequel

Another fun animated 360 VR movie is Lightning: A VR Story about a Lightning Bug.

Click here to watch Lightning: A VR Story

Another studio producing interesting VR work is VR Gorilla. They have many videos available to watch, but we’ve seen that many of these, especially the longer 8k ones can cause your headset to temporarily show a black screen. If this happens, just hit your “A” button and you can go back to view another. We’ve selected a few that we really enjoyed watching. None of these “broke” the player so they should be fine for you to watch.

Click here to watch 6k Angkor Wat video

This is a short compilation of some of the great work they’ve done.

Click here to watch Best of VR Gorilla Compilation

The next couple of videos are VR 360 mini documentaries shot in 3D. They show how people in different parts of the world are dealing with problems some of us can only imagine. Now, with these videos we can for a short while, be immersed in their world.

In the first story we hear from a girl who is helping to stop the practice of female circumcision in her country.

Click to watch Sereya: A New Maasai Way – VR Documentary

In this story we get a glimpse into the life of a girl trying to improve her life while living in a war torn country.
Click to watch My Home, Shatila – VR 360 mini documentary

This is a nice 360 5k VR video of San Paulo shot by CreatorUp. His channel has many videos on how to create these videos. He also does reviews on equipment and software used in the production of 360 VR videos. He seems to be one of the most knowledgeable resources in this field.

Click here to watch the Video San Paulo 360 VR 5k

Get some super close up shots of White Lions in this 360 VR video. These lions actually come up and play with the camera. Be warned that they are also being filmed while feeding on a carcass, so if that upsets you, skip this one.

Click here to watch Surrounded by White Lions 4k 360 VR

Here’s that Hot Tip! from the start of this page. If you are logged into your YouTube Account and would like to add all of these videos in one playlist to your account to watch in your headset later, Click this link and when YouTube loads, it should look similar to the image here. Then click on the 3 bars with the + as seen in this image with the arrow pointing to it.

That’s all it takes. Now when you select Library here on your browser, or inside your headset in the YouTube VR app, or at in the FireFox Reality Browser, you will see all the videos and can watch them whenever you want!

We created another document to help you use the FireFox Reality Browser to watch these as well. There are some advantages to using it. Click here to see that document.

Bonus! This one is NOT a YouTube video. You can only watch this in your Quest headset on Oculus TV. But it is so amazing, not only high resolution, but also great 3D effects as well that we had to add it here. 

Click here to open and watch this on your Quest.

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