Headstrap Tips

Making the headset fit comfortably is certainly a very personal thing and there are many different views about it. We’ll share some tips from our experience, but if you’re unable to find a comfortable fit with the original strap, check out our recommendations for replacement headstraps.

If you find that the original strap that comes with your Quest 2 pushes down too much on your cheeks or feels too front-heavy, try these steps:

Tip 1: Try adjusting the top strap either tighter or looser.

Tip 2: It’s not immediately obvious to everyone (it wasn’t to us), but you can tilt the angle of the headset as it sits on your face. Try adjusting this and see if it feels more comfortable at a different angle.

Tip 3: What helped us the most was adding a counterweight to the back of the unit. You can use an external battery (see our tips here), or anything you have lying around that weighs 1/2 to 1 pound. We’ve heard of people using a tape measure (it may already have a clip attached!), a bag of dried beans or coins, and weights. You may find that Velcro works to hold whatever it is that you are using in place, or you may need to use something stronger like tape.

Tip 4: Last but not least, we’ve heard of some people finding more comfort by wearing a baseball cap backwards and putting the headset on over that.

Ultimately we ended up getting replacement straps – some of us use the Elite Strap with a battery taped to the back and others of us have the Elite Strap With Battery – but we’ve heard that plenty of people find enough comfort with the original strap.




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