Tips for Clearer Vision

If you wear glasses for distance vision you can use your glasses in the headset with the provided eyeglass spacer.

If you wear readers, they are not necessary. Even with the eyeglass spacer some people have reported scratching their glasses AND their lenses on the Quest 2. So be careful.

You can purchase lens protectors such as these

A better solution, though more expensive is to order prescription lenses that fit directly into the Quest 2. Below are some options for this.

Order prescription lenses (heard doesn’t do complex Rx like prism correction), (UK), (easily removed, doesn’t have to be snapped in and out, which can wear on the device if swapping in and out frequently).

Next is your IPD setting. Interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance measured in millimeters between the centers of the pupils of the eyes. You can either measure this by looking into a mirror or search the Apple, or Android store for a free app that will measure it for you.

The Quest comes with 3 presets.

58mm, 63mm and 71mm. Your vision will be clearest the closer to your actual IPD as you can get. You adjust it by moving the lenses closer or further apart and you will see a 1, 2 or 3 in the settings window. 1 is the closest and 3 the farthest apart. 

If your IPD is somewhere in between these, you will find that you can slide the setting in between each of these for a finer adjustment.

Bonus tip: Some people who don’t wear glasses have reported that their vision is better when they add the glasses spacer, even though they don’t wear glasses. For me, this helped.


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