Faceplates and Covers

If you struggle with fogging or if the original faceplate is just too uncomfortable, causes a rash, or just gets too gross every time you sweat, a replacement faceplate or faceplate cover is a must-have.  

 Facial Interface & Foam Replacement ($29) gets glowing reviews and is what we personally use to keep our headset comfortable and hygienic (really valuable when you share a headset for workouts!). Not just a cover, it’s a replacement for the standard faceplate that comes with the device – just pop the old one out and the new one in. 

It’s got passive air vents to keep air circulating while you’re working up a sweat, as well as an attachable nose guard that keeps some of your hot exhaled air from entering the headset, preventing fogging within the mask. It’s also safe and easy to wipe down sweat and dirt with cloth or anti-bacterial wipes without fear of damaging the equipment. 

The foam comes in 2 sizes – Standard, which puts your eyes closer to the lens for a wider field of view, and Comfort which is a thicker and cushier pad. The standard product is not compatible with the glasses spacer that comes with your headset, so get the Comfort size if you need extra space inside. 

If you have an original Quest, this faceplate from Kiwi Designs is well-liked.

There are other brands out there, but we’ve read too many mixed reviews and can’t recommend others at this time. 


If you don’t want to replace the entire faceplate you can get a silicone cover that creates a protective barrier between the foam of the faceplate and dirt and sweat. They can easily be wiped down or removed and hand-washed. You’ll find a large selection of colors on VRCover’s website. These are also great if multiple people share a headset – you can all get your own color and swap it out between users.

Check out the Kiwi brand if you’re looking for a cover for the original Quest as most brands seem to have covers for only the Quest 2. 

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