Oculus Browser

Oculus Browser is the default browser that comes with your Quest headset. You’ll find it in the middle of the row of the icons at the top of the small screen that pops up when you open up your apps panel (using the 3×3 dot button from the universal panel). Through the browser you can access any website. If you’re just starting out we recommend you check out the “Immersive Experiences from around the Web” that you’ll find recommended to you by the folks at Oculus when you first open the browser.

Select the experience that you want to have. You’ll then see a button that says “VR” in the upper left or bottom right of the screen, or maybe “Enter VR” in the middle of the screen – press that and your VR experience will begin (you may need to grant permission to enter VR at the bottom of the screen). To exit the experience, press the Oculus home button and then select Exit with your controller.

Our favorites are the VR version of the classic Space Invaders game, Back to Space, and Matterport Spaces where you can transport yourself to fun and unique spaces around the globe, including a variety of types of museums, fun and funky homes, swanky airline cabins/lounges, and places of worship.


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