App Lab is a new offering that allows developers to offer their apps and games to Quest users without having to meet all the strict criteria to be offered in the curated Oculus Store. Apps you find here may be early in development or experimental (and the developers may be looking for feedback or analyzing usage patterns before finalizing the offering) or they have other features that have not met the Oculus Store criteria. You’ll find both free and paid apps to explore.

How to Find and Download App Lab apps

You won’t find these apps in the Oculus Store, but the Oculus team have made it easy to download these onto your Quest – just go to this App Lab page, select a title, then click the “Oculus App” button in the upper right of the screen and it will take you to a special page in the Oculus Store to complete your purchase. When you next put your headset on, find the app in your library and start the download.

The selection is limited for now, but given the integration with SideQuest we expect the selection to increase quickly. And unlike apps that are sideloaded, apps obtained through App Lab show up in your Quest library rather than in the subdirectory of Unknown Sources where sideloaded apps currently go.



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