How to Add Videos to a YouTube Playlist to take into your Headset

Searching through and finding videos in the YouTube VR app can be kind of a pain. But there’s also no easy way to copy & paste urls from desktop to the headset at this time.

But there is a good workaround. YouTube allows you to make “Playlists” and organize your videos that way. The really good news is that these “Playlists” will sync to anywhere you are logged into YouTube. So your playlists created on desktop or mobile will show up inside the YouTube VR app in your headset, if you’re logged into it.

We’re going to show you how to do this below.

How do I get to watch these videos in my headset?

NOTE: The first set of instructions you will see below happen on your desktop browser.

Step 1: Start on in either desktop or mobile. We’re going to show you desktop, but mobile works similar. Be certain you are logged into your YouTube account. If you don’t have one, they are easy to create. (We’re not going to demonstrate that here, but just go to and click on create account.)  When you are logged into YouTube, in the upper right hand corner, it will look like this image. You will see your name and email address by clicking on the icon with your initial in the center, or it will have a profile picture of you.
Step 2:  When you find a video you would like to bring into the headset, just look under the video on the right hand side for the 3 little lines and the + sign next the the word SAVE and click that.
  Step 3:  Next a small window will pop up and give you the option to select:

  1. Watch Later category. This is the simplest way, you don’t even need to select any categories, you can put all your videos here. But, later on if you have so many videos you’d rather organize them into playlists, you can create those later and add existing videos into them.
  2. You can put the video into one or more Playlists you’ve already created. In our example we are putting some of the videos into multiple categories we created thinking ahead to later when we have more videos to watch we can select by category.
  3. You can create new categories and choose that for your videos.
Step 4…Sort of…  You only need this step if you are creating a new Playlist. If so, you would click the Create new playlist button as shown in Step 3 above. Then you give it a name. You also get the option to make your playlist Private so only you can see it, or Public so others can find it as well.

If you look at the playlists and you see a little lock icon next to them. If it’s locked, it’s private.

Once you’ve created all your playlists and put movies in them, the next step will be to watch them in your headset. Instructions for that are next.

The following information is for using YouTube VR with your new playlists inside your headset.

NOTE: The following instructions you see below happen inside your headset.

Step 1. Once you’ve opened YouTube VR in your headset, look up and to the right and select the Account Button.

Step 2. Make certain you are logged in with the same account that you used to create or add videos to your playlists.

Step 3. Below the Account name, you will find some options.

  1. History – This is the history of your videos you’ve watched on YouTube with this account.
  2. Your Videos – These are videos you’ve uploaded to your YouTube account
  3. Your movies and shows – These are ones you’ve rented or paid for.
  4. Watch later – These are videos you’ve marked Watch later by hitting the save button
  5. Available offline – If you’ve downloaded any videos this is where they will show up.

Below these is where your playlists will show up. You can see this in the next image down.

Scrolling down will show you all of your playlists with their titles and also the number in the upper right of each playlist will tell you how many videos are in that playlist. The image you see is one that Youtube grabs from the list.  If you notice three of these look like the same video. That is because they each contain that video.
In this image, you can see where we’ve clicked on the playlist with Animated VR 360 Movies and YouTube VR is showing us all the videos in that playlist. For some reason, some of these animated videos will not play in YouTube VR. But, we’ve got a workaround for that as well. And it’s good we do because some of these are not only 360 VR, but are also 3D and really fun to watch.

The workaround involves watching the videos in the FireFox Reality Browser. We have created another Guide for that.

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