Space Explorers

The largest production ever filmed in space, this four-part series comes from over 200 hours of footage filmed by real astronauts in the ISS using custom-built VR cameras specially engineered to work in zero-gravity.

Episode 1, titled ADAPT, is about a new crew arriving aboard the ISS and how they learn to adapt to life on board. A free preview is available, and you can buy the whole episode for $2.99. It is planned to be shown at planetariums around the world, but you get the best seat in your VR headset.

Future episodes are expected to be released about once per quarter through the rest of 2021.

Featuring astronauts David Saint-Jacques (Canadian Space Agency), Anne McClain (NASA), Nick Hague (NASA), Christina H. Koch (NASA), Jessica U. Meir (NASA), Luca Parmitano (European Space Agency), Hazza Al Mansouri (United Arab Emirates) and Andrew “Drew” Morgan (NASA).

Brought to you by Felix & Paul Studios in collaboration with Time. If you’re new to VR, you’ll see Felix & Paul behind some of the most captivating shows in VR. Visit the Time website for sneak peaks at the video.

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