Where do you want to go today? If it’s in Google Street View you can go there with Wander. The user interface isn’t terribly intuitive but having the world at your fingertips is worth figuring it out…and the $9.99 cost beats all that pricey airfare you’d need to spend to go in person.

With Wander you can see iconic landmarks from around the world, explore the streets of that city you’ve always wanted to visit, see what your childhood home looks like today, or show your friends the area you grew up in…or you can press a button to be taken to some random place in the world.

Wander also has created “Collections” of locations linked by a common theme such as their historical significance to a specific era or the type of attraction. Integration with Wikipedia enhances the learning opportunities. You also have the option to jump back in time and compare what things looked like a decade ago to what they look like now, if pictures are available from back then when Google Street View was just starting out.

While you’ll just see pictures and can’t interact with the world that you’re seeing, exploring through this app has really helped satisfy our serious travel bug when going isn’t an option.

Get Wander from the Oculus Store

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