Games You Can Play Sitting Down

Many games can be played seated, but some are just more suited to it and some are designed for it.

Setting the guardian

When you play seated you will usually use the stationary guardian, but it can be kind of small. To avoid reaching outside of it while playing you can either adjust the sensitivity of the guardian in the Oculus settings or you can set a roomscale guardian around where you’re going to sit. Just be sure to be out of reach of any tables or other objects…we’ve knocked more than a few things off a table that is just too close!

Where to sit

You have a few options:

  1. You can sit in the middle of the room in a spinning chair. This is our favorite way to play seated as you can easily follow the scene in any direction without having to adjust your body and you’ll be able to reach things easily.
  2. You can sit on a stationary chair or a couch. This works for most things, but some times the action in front moves behind you so you have to adjust your position to see it.  (This presents an interesting situation when you know you’re facing a wall but you’re seeing an entire scene – reminds us of those magic tents in Harry Potter or the Tardis where things are much bigger on the inside.)
  3. You can sit on your bed or at a table/desk. While comfortable, this can present some challenges: If the floor level is set as the bed/table/desk height you’ll have a hard time seeing over things that are tall, but if you set the floor to the actual floor level below the bed you’ll find yourself trying to reach through the bed/table/desk.

Here are some games that play well sitting down. We will be adding to it with more complete descriptions soon.

  1. PokerVR or PokerStarsVR
  2. Acron – A fun multiplayer game you can play with people who don’t have VR headsets; they can play on their phones.
  3. The Room VR: A Dark Matter – A challenging puzzle game, kind of like an escape room.
  4. Wander – A very cool app that lets you travel the world. But it helps to be able to see behind yourself.
  5. AltSpace VR, VRChat or Alcove – VR worlds you can explore from the comfort of your chair.
  6. Phantom: Covert Ops – A military style fighting game you play rowing a kayak.
  7. Rush – A flying game.
  8. Real VR Fishing – A very realistic fishing game that’s multiplayer and fun even if you don’t like to fish.
  9. Moss – A fun puzzle adventure game for all ages.
  10. Mini Motor Racing X – A racing game with a huge number of tracks to choose from.
  11. Mission: ISS – An amazing space simulation, but it will get you sick if you are prone to motion sickness.
  12. A Fisherman’s Tale – An enjoyable puzzle game with a cool twist.


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