Non-Shooting Games

Virtual Reality is often known for First Person Shooter (FPS) games, where you play a character that runs around and shoots people, zombies, monsters, etc., and you see everything from the perspective as if you were actually there. But there is so much more, and that’s what we cover here: games that do not involve shooting.

There’s a huge number of games out there, but here are a few that we like and that are highly rated.


Real VR Fishing – This is a very realistic fishing game with wonderful graphics and tons of options. Even people who don’t like to fish  like this game. It is very relaxing to sit and look at the amazing scenery they provide, with many different spots to choose from. You will need to play the game and catch fish to get points to “open” new areas, but it isn’t very difficult and there is a great Facebook group where they are super helpful.



Dash Dash World – This is a car/kart racing game that is similar to the Mario Kart experience. It’s fun and while the cars do have guns, it’s silly enough to qualify as a non-shooting game for us. 🙂





Beat Saber – This has to be one of the most popular games for any virtual headset anywhere. The premise is simple: you slash colored targets with lighted sabers to the beat of the music while dodging oncoming obstacles. We have a more in-depth description of this game in our Fitness section, which you can read here.




Eleven Table Tennis – The game physics are amazing in this virtual ping-pong
game which you can play alone or against friends.
Just a warning, don’t try to reach across the table or lean on it…it isn’t really there… 😉





The Room VR: A Dark Matter – If you like escape-room games you’ll love this one! The mood is a bit creepy and we kept expecting something to jump out and scare us, but it thankfully doesn’t have that kind of action (phew!). The puzzles are challenging, but so creative and fun.



Moss – Another puzzle game that both adults and children will love.
Help an adorable little mouse on an adventure filled with puzzles to solve so that he can complete his quest.  This one is definitely a favorite and comes highly recommended.





Tetris Effect – Yup, it’s that old standard that you might have played decades ago, reimagined in VR. This version has great music and the graphics are fantastic.  It sounds simple, but it is a blast to play. We hear from some players that they use this for a relaxing and chill experience





Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – This is one you can play with others in your home who are not on a VR headset. You work together to diffuse a bomb before it…well, you know…




Topgolf with Pro Putt – Recently updated, this one has gotten very good reviews. Not just a mini-golf game, but also includes a full-swing range as well.  And it’s multiplayer so up to 7 of your friends can join!





Walkabout Mini Golf – You’ll feel like you’re on an actual mini-golf course, but the courses are so much more creative than real life can be! One of our absolute favorite games, and one we love to play with friends because we can socialize so easily while we play. Up to 5 people can play at a time. Read our more in-depth discussion of the game here.





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