Beat Saber

This is the immensely popular rhythm game that sold us non-gamers on VR after an introduction from a gamer friend.

Standing in a futuristic neon space, you slash “beats” (blocks that appear with the beat of the music) with glowing sabers that make you feel like a Star Wars Jedi knight while avoiding hitting bombs and ducking to avoid large oncoming walls. The standard music is all electronic, but you can buy music expansion packs or solo songs from artists such as Green Day, Imagine Dragons, BTS, and Linkin Park, and if you’re tech savvy you can upload custom maps from using SideQuest.

The game allows various customizations to make it easier or harder, there are 5 levels of difficulty ranging from Easy to Expert+, and you can choose whether you want the cubes and blocks to come at you from just straight on, from the side, or in a full 360 degrees, which greatly increases the game’s intensity.

The game does come with a warning for people with a history of epilepsy or seizures, so if this is you, proceed with caution.

Beat Saber for Quest sells for $29.99 in the Oculus Store and has a demo version so you can try before you buy. Add-on music packs range in price. Beat Saber even has it’s own YouTube channel with lots of videos you can explore.

Get Beat Saber from the Oculus Store

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