Sports Games For Fitness

Sports games in VR come in various forms, some with quite realistic gameplay while others have more animated or digital visuals. While there are lots of sports games that are fun, our focus here is on those that will either work up a sweat or build muscle. Click on a title to go to the purchase page or click “Read more” for a more detailed review.


Thrill of the Fight
The most realistic boxing game out there where you can fight an opponent of your choosing or train on boxing gym equipment like a speed ball, heavy bag, or training dummy. Read more




Creed: Rise to Glory
The only boxing game that currently allows you to virtually box against a real opponent who also has the game. Based on the Rocky franchise, you are Adonis Creed on his rise to glory. Read more




Racquetball on steroids! A fast-paced game where you use a racket to hit a glowing ball against lighted targets in a Tron-like dome. Has multiplayer mode where you can go head-to-head vs. a friend, alternating hits like in racquetball. Read more





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