Games Designed for Fitness

These are games that were designed specifically for fitness. Read our summaries here, then click on the game’s title to go to the purchase page or click “Read more” for a more in-depth discussion of the game’s fitness capabilities.


Our favorite workout program that has kick-started our fitness journeys and made exercise fun. A rhythm game incorporating popular music you know and love from the 60s to today (as well as classical music from the great composers!), full-body workouts, coaches leading each workout, and real workout locations around the globe (as opposed to digital settings reminiscent of Tron from most other rhythm games). New workouts are added daily. Even beginners will get a good workout in this one. Read more


Choose from boxing or dancing workouts to heart-pumping music led by fitness professionals. New workouts are added regularly. Works different muscles than Supernatural and we view it as a great complementary workout. A good workout for beginners as well as advanced exercisers. Read more



A full-body workout that blends the music-game style of touching colored targets with calisthenics like squats, crunches, planks, jumps, running in place, and those oh-so-dreaded burpees. A free game you’ll need to sideload through SideQuest (or you can get it on Steam for use with Oculus Link or on other VR headsets). Read more


Connect to a stationary bike or elliptical to ride any part of the world captured by Google Street View or use your equipment to play games where you do things like race an F1 race car, fly a helicopter, or ride a horse. With the use of external equipment you’ll get a good lower-body workout no matter how hard you exert yourself. Comes in two separate apps, VZFit Play and VZFitExplore, that you won’t find in the Oculus store until you register with VZFit and receive special invite links. Read more



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