Oh Shape!

A fun game that isn’t quite a great fitness app, at least not yet…but it’s one we’re watching for future updates!

Like other rhythm games, you dodge obstacles and punch objects in a futuristic arena, but a unique element is having to make various poses to pass through cutouts in oncoming walls (if you’re familiar with the old TV game show Hole in the Wall, yeah, like that). A cutout in the wall shows you what pose to make, and the addition of this creative aspect is sure to help sharpen your brain alongside cardio benefits from full-body movement, especially when the speed picks up. You can see your exercise stats through the native YUR virtual fitness watch.

It comes with a selection of electronic and dance-pop music you’ve probably never heard of but you can upload custom music/maps created by other users using SideQuest if you’re a bit more tech savvy.

The primary downside of this game in our view is there isn’t much feedback on your performance along the way, and while you think you may be rocking it, your score at the end may be kind of low with no feedback why. The tutorial provides limited information and there aren’t any clear instructions about what you’re supposed to be doing, and we’ve found ourselves kind of fumbling around trying to figure out how to up our scores with little success. We’ve heard from other users that it’s an issue with how the game calibrates your size.

At this point, we view this more as a fun game that will get you some good health benefits but maybe not the ideal app for those who really care about racking up high scores and tracking how you do over time. That being said, we hear the developers are pretty responsive to feedback and expect the game to evolve over time, so this is on our watch list – check back for updates.

This is another game with a warning about seizure potential, so beware if you’re prone to them or have sensitivity to visual stimuli.

Oh Shape for Quest sells for $19.99 in the Oculus Store. An “Electro Party” music pack is available for $2.99.

Get Oh Shape from the Oculus Store

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