Start with Low Intensity workouts to perfect your form and build confidence with the workout maps. Medium intensity workouts can feel completely overwhelming at first, if not impossible, but over time as you learn how to move and build core strength they become easier. Once you’ve mastered the Mediums, Highs start to feel more doable too. Once you’ve done a workout 3-4 times you’ll really get to know the patterns and you’ll see your scores increase.

Focus on your form over hit accuracy and power. Using the correct form will both provide strength and toning benefits as well as help prevent injury. You want to move from your core, not your shoulders, elbows or wrists. Use long, full strokes – allow your body to turn toward the targets with your arms and follow through each hit. Listen to the coaches’ guidance on proper form. See Coach Leanne’s videos on proper form here:

Re-calibrate your squat and lunge settings if you feel like you can’t do full squats or lunges that day. The program is adaptive to your abilities, you just need to tell it how! To do so, press the Settings button from the home screen, then Quick Calibrate and follow the instructions.

Find music you like. Workouts tend to be much more fun, and you’re likely to get higher scores, when you get lost in the music. And you’re more likely to get lost in music you like. One of the beautiful things about Supernatural is the variety of popular music used, spanning different genres from the 60s through today as well as classical music from the great composers. See tips for using the Supernatural phone app on how to apply multiple filters to find the perfect workout for your mood.

Ensure you are standing in the center of the virtual mat during your workouts. If you get off-center it may feel like your timing when hitting the targets is off. Standing in the center of your mat also ensures you don’t move past your guardian and potentially hit something in real life. You’ll see a yellow arrow pointing to your virtual mat if you’ve moved too far off-center. If you want to move the location of the mat, move to where you want it and hold down the right Oculus button until it’s repositioned where you want it.

If you need to pause a workout, press the left Oculus button. You’ll see options to then Resume the workout or End it.




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