Mental Fitness – Chill Out

Because overall fitness doesn’t just mean physical fitness, check out these apps that will ground and center you, soothe your nervous system, and bring better focus to other areas of your life. As people who struggle to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into our daily lives, we’ve found these VR apps to be so useful in helping us slow down and just breeeathe.

There are limited options to date in the Oculus Store, but you’ll find a number of free options on SideQuest as well as in Oculus TV and YouTube VR. We’ll cover SideQuest options in a future update.




Dedicated to meditation and just chilling out, you’ll find a trippy free demo or upgrade your membership for full access to premium features that have guided meditations in beautiful locations, daily sessions to help you calm and focus, and lessons from mindfulness and meditation experts. Read more



Guided Tai Chi

Learn the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi to help energy move freely through your body. You’ll follow the body postures of a teacher standing ahead of you while your hands follow the trails that appear directly in front of you. Guided voice prompts help focus your breath and attention. Soothing music and beautiful locations set the mood. Read more



Real VR Fishing

A realistic fishing game full of wonderful graphics. We’ve heard from many people who don’t like to fish but love this game as it’s very relaxing to sit back and enjoy the scenery around you. As you catch fish you earn points to unlock new areas. It’s a fairly easy game, with a very supportive Facebook group if you need help.



Color Space

The coloring book of the future! Step inside a black-and-white world that comes to life as you color. Relaxing music and soothing sounds of nature make this a calming and meditative experience. There are currently 20 different scenes to color.




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