The Supernatural Companion Phone App

Don’t forget the Supernatural companion app! Through the app you can:

  • See a record of all the workouts you’ve done as well as how you did on each one. You’ll also see the workouts that your friends have done.  (Select the home tab on the bottom left)
  • Find friends to follow on your leaderboard (From the home tab, select the icon that looks like two people on the upper left.)

From there you can search for a specific person, follow a suggested friend, or choose from people you are already connected to on Facebook or in your Contacts.

  • Search for workouts (Select the balloon tab, second from left at the bottom). In the VR app you can search by only parameter at a time (i.e. by coach OR by music genre OR by length OR by intensity), but in the phone app you can use multiple filters. From here you can easily save workouts to your list by selecting the flag icon on the upper right of each workout picture. When you click on a workout you will see the list of songs in that workout, as well as a link to the playlist on Spotify to listen to the songs there.
  • Start and stop heart rate tracking (Select the heart icon in the center of the bottom). To start heart rate tracking just press the yellow Start Tracking button. To stop tracking, hold the grey Stop Tracking button until the circle completes.
  • See your weekly leaderboard that includes all the friends you are following. (Select the icon that looks like three rows, second from the right on the bottom). Weekly leaderboards go Monday to Sunday each week. If you click on a friend’s name you will see all of their workouts.
  • View your stats and streaks (click on the person icon on the right at the bottom)

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