Problem: Bats are floating in the air or tracking of the controllers is lost

When this happens, chances are you either: 1) have too much light or reflective surfaces near the headset, or 2) have moved your arms out of view of the headset sensors and they have not caught back up to your movements.

Ensure you are not in direct sunlight as that can throw off the headset sensors, as can mirrors or other reflective surfaces. Christmas tree lights can also affect tracking.

Hold the controllers in front of your headset to re-establish tracking.


Problem: Workout freezes

Every now and then, the Supernatural app may freeze in the middle of a workout. The SN team is working diligently to ensure this doesn’t happen, but in case it does, here are some things to try.

Step 1: Press the right Oculus button to pull up the menu, then select Resume to resume the app. If this does not solve the problem, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Press the right Oculus button again to bring back the menu, then select Settings.

Step 3: From the Settings menu, select WiFi.

Step 4: Turn off your wifi, then select Done. Supernatural should automatically resume.

Step 5: Press the right Oculus button again, then Settings, then WiFi, and turn your wifi back on. Once the wifi is connected, select Done and you will be taken back into the Supernatural app.

If this does not work, contact the Supernatural support team at In our experience they have been very responsive and will work with you to get your app up and running again.


Problem: Lenses get fogged up while working out

Lenses fog due to temperature differential between the cold headset and your warm body. Check out our tips to avoid fogging here.


Adjusting the sound:

Use the volume button on your headset to change the overall volume of everything you hear. On the Oculus Quest/Quest 2 this is located on the left underside of the headset.


From within the SN VR app, click the Settings icon on the upper right of the center panel of the home screen. Then you will see separate volume controls for the Sound Effects, the Music, and the Trainers.

Alternatively, you can change volume during a workout by pressing the left Oculus button to pause the workout and on the right side of your view you will see volume controls for the Sound Effects, the Music, and the Trainers.




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