SuperHot VR

Superhot is one of those games that, at first glance doesn’t look that great. But, you really need to try it to get a feel for how much fun and how much exercise you can really get with it. 

The mechanics of this game are fascinating. What happens is that you are set upon by random attackers. Some have guns, some just want to punch you. The trick here is that they don’t move at all unless you do. So, turn your head, they move. Reach your arm out, they move. Even the bullets stop in place until you move. So, it isn’t as much a shooter game as it is a strategy one. You can look with your eyes and plan you next move, dodge that bullet, pick up that ashtray to throw at the guy on the right, catch the gun from the guy you just hit, and then use it to shoot the next guy…

The exercise comes in dodging, crouching, crawling, punching and even in slow motion, these things will get you a pretty good workout.

Here’s a link to the free demo. And if you want to buy it, here’s the link to it on the Oculus Store.

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