Another favorite of ours, this game is all about fitness with two workout modes to choose from – boxing or dancing – that use group workouts led by real fitness professionals to keep you motivated and moving correctly. The boxing mode in particular works different muscles than the SN workouts and we find it to be a great complement to SN.

In either mode you have your choice of beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes ranging from low to high intensity and from a very short 3 minutes up to 20+ minutes. Both modes incorporate heart-pumping music of various genres, primarily different types of pop, rock and electronic, although it’s music without words that you are not likely to recognize.

  • In the boxing sessions you’ll choose either a futuristic studio or a digital rooftop workout area where you’ll jab, hook, uppercut and weave around items that fly at you. You don’t even need to like boxing to have a blast with this workout.
  • In the dancing workouts you’ll follow an animated trainer in a futuristic studio to learn various choreographed routines that really get your heart rate up.

New workouts are released regularly so you won’t get bored, and if you like some competition you can see how you stack up on the live leaderboard. The game also provides class recommendations and fitness tips based on your performance.

You have to provide an email address as your login for a FitXR account, and we don’t see a way to opt out of this, although you can subsequently opt out of marketing communications.

FitXR for Quest sells for $29.99 on the Oculus store, but occasionally goes on sale. Expansion packs are $9.99 each.

Note: BoxVR is a program with just the boxing component that is available on other headsets but not the Oculus Quest/Quest 2, but that can be played on a Quest using Steam (maybe a pop-up to explain Steam with a link to our section on it.)on a gaming computer and a Link cable.

Get FitXR from the Oculus Store

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