A rhythm game that distinguishes itself by allowing you to add your own music.

We don’t think you’re going to burn a lot of calories on this one, but if you’re just starting out or you have physical limitations that restrict your movement, this is a fun game that lets you groove to the songs you know and love from your own library and will definitely give you a bit of an arm workout. And while it’s not as polished as many of the other rhythm games out there, if you’re like us where having music you know and can sing along to really enhances your enjoyment, this might be a good pick. With a very limited (only 20) library of pre-loaded songs, you pretty much have to add your own songs for much variety.

You’ll have to overlook some of the quirks, such as targets not always aligning perfectly with the beat of the music, some jerky motion of the targets with custom songs, and no audible or haptic feedback when you hit a target; but if that doesn’t bother you it’s a fun experience. Some don’t mind these issues and some hate them, which does lead to a lot of mixed reviews. We’ve also heard that some users who are colorblind have trouble distinguishing the orange and blue targets, and at this time there is no way to customize them. You’ll also see a menu that looks like you customize settings at the start of each song, but we found the only thing we can actually change is choosing one of four different settings to play in.

Adding custom songs requires a little bit of tech savviness but is pretty straightforward if you have the right connecting cable (but not straightforward in the way the game tells you to). The game says you need to download songs through the Oculus browser, but we never figured out how to do that. Instead, if you connect your Quest to your computer using a Link or other cable the Quest shows up as another drive and you can drag and drop songs from your computer to the “Downloads” folder in the root folder on the Quest. Once you do that your songs show up in the “Browser Downloads” tab in the app.

Audioshield for Quest sells for $19.99 in the Oculus Store.

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