Accessories to Optimize Your SN Play

Although nothing extra is required to play Supernatural, if you’ve spent much time in it you’ll likely appreciate some additional accessories to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. We have an entire section on VR Accessories, but these are the ones we think are most useful for this game:

Pretty much everyone who works up a sweat in Supernatural can benefit from these accessories (see links for more details):

  • A vented face plate to allow airflow in the headset and prevent fogging; the faceplates we recommend are also easy to clean and won’t absorb sweat.
  • A silicone cover is placed over the faceplate and prevents sweat from absorbing into the faceplate foam. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to swap out if multiple users share a headset. We don’t think they are necessary if you have one of the replacement faceplates that have and easy-to-clean material over the padding, but you may still want one for extra hygiene.
  • Controller grips so you can keep hold of your controllers even when you work up a good sweat.


Those with long hair will also appreciate having a headband to keep your hair off your face. We know several people who have these – not only do they keep hair from getting in your eyes or trapped under the headset edges, but they come in a set of 10 so you can throw them in the laundry after every workout and wait to wash until laundry day.


If you find yourself getting a headache quickly while playing, check out our headstrap tips or consider replacing your headstrap.


Depending on the size and configuration of your play space, these accessories might be helpful as well:

  • A fan on the floor pointed upward toward your face or worn around your neck to help keep you cool and to create airflow if you don’t have a vented faceplate. It can also help keep you cooler so sweat doesn’t drip down your face.
  • A mat that gives tactile feedback to your feet to help you stay in your play area


And finally, one of the unique things about Supernatural is how it integrates with your heart-rate monitor to give you extra insight into your fitness. Check here for the latest list of compatible monitors.




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