Synth Riders and Audio Trip

We’ve grouped these two together as we see them as very similar dancing games with differences primarily in the music that’s available and the level of customization allowed. In a February 2021 update, Audio Trip has now added a cardio mode to each song that provides a better workout overall.

In both games you hit colored targets with lighted orbs on your hands in sync with the beat of the music while dodging oncoming obstacles. Both are similar to Beat Saber except that in that game you slice through targets with your light sabers in pre-specified directions while in these two games you just hit the targets with your hands so they are a bit more free-flowing and “dance-like”.

Music-wise, both are heavy on electronic and dance music (not surprising given they are both considered dancing games!). Synth Riders has more than twice as many songs built in, plus music expansion packs and the ability to easily add customs songs. Both games have song lists filled with many artists we don’t know, but Synth Riders is the only game we’ve seen so far that includes electroswing music, one of our favorite genres, while Audio Trip does include some big-name artists like Lady Gaga, Skrillex and Tiesto alongside much lesser-known artists.

Other similarities and differences include:

  • Both games have good tutorials that make it clear what you are supposed to do. Synth Riders has extra information and tutorials around scoring, which most games do not have.
  • The YUR virtual fitness watch is native in both games
  • Both allow you to change the colors of the orbs and targets, which is particularly useful if you have visual difficulties with certain colors
  • Synth Riders has a much more extensive customization menu for both aesthetic and performance features
  • Both have a party mode so you can play with your friends, but only Synth Riders has multiplayer mode
  • Audio Trip now includes a Cardio mode option for each song that enhances the workout you’ll get from playing
  • Audio Trip allows you to choose from short or full-length versions of each song
  • Audio Trip includes a silhouetted dancer you can follow to learn the moves, with the option to turn this off if you don’t want it
  • Audio Trip lets you create custom choreographies using the same tool the developers use. We haven’t tried this, but you can find a 22-minute tutorial from the developer here:

We do like both games but despite Audio Trip’s new Cardio option would choose Synth Riders over Audio Trip if we had to pick one due to its larger music library and more customization options. After all, you can always move your lower body more for a better workout even if the game doesn’t include it.

Synth Riders for Quest lists for $24.99 in the Oculus Store, with various pricing for add-on music packs. Audio Trip for Quest lists for $19.99.

Get Synth Riders from the Oculus Store

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