Adam Savage’s Tested VR

You may know Adam Savage from as one of the original MythBusters – he continues his work to enlighten and entertain in this free 12-episode series that goes inside the workspaces of a variety of creative makers to see their processes from ideation to project completion.



Makers include:

  • Adam Savage, Maker/TV Personality
  • Rick Lyon, Puppeteer & Puppet Designer
  • Melissa Ng, Gothic Armor Designer
  • Marc DeVidts, Robot Maker and Battlebots Competitor
  • Andrew Freeman, Creature Mask Sculptor
  • Griffon Ramsey, Chainsaw Wood Sculptor
  • Alexis Noriega, Costume Wing Designer
  • Ryan Nagata, Spacesuit Replica Fabricator

Get Adam Savage’s Tested from the Oculus Store

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